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March 2021 Newsletter


As mentioned in February’s newsletter, May is National Stroke Awareness Month.  We believe May to be a month of recognition for stroke warriors and their families and to acknowledge the many professionals who support treatment and recovery.   A month to celebrate the grit and determination of those overcoming stroke, and the dedication and resilience of their loved ones.  And we have fabulous support already.   The community is signing on to make May a great month.  Some of our partners are St Charles Health Care, KPOV Radio, Horizon Broadcasting Group, The Old Mill, Summit Medical, the Source and the Bulletin.  

Of course we are also hosting our Bidding For Hope virtual auction May 13-22.   Please consider donating an item or experience to help us make the auction a success.  Together we save lives.  If you wish to volunteer or donate an item or sponsorship, contact

Stay tuned for more information in our April newsletter.


Just a reminder…..Oregon is a direct access state. 

That means you can see a Physical Therapist without a doctor’s referral.

  Although in rare cases your insurance will require a prescription.

We suggest you check with your provider. 


Carol Stiles



Gift Boxes

Thanks to the Central Oregon Health Council, we were able to send gift boxes to many of our support group members and to other stroke survivors and their families this week.

  Especially during COV-19, we want you to know you’re not alone and how fun to get a goodie package in the mail.  If you know someone who has experienced a stroke and needs a ‘boost’ please feel free to contact us. 

We will reach out




One of the most common ways families try to get information is dialing around or getting on the internet.  When thinking about transitioning a loved one into a Senior Care Environment that can lead to mistakes both in terms of financial issues but also care issues.

There is a huge amount of information out there regarding Senior offerings. What is lacking is on the ground knowledge about facilities, care, requirements, etc.  I am a Senior Care advisor and assist families by taking the worry away. I start at the kitchen table and walk with you through the process to meet your needs for your loved one.  All this at no charge to you!

Planning for a family member too often comes after a 911 call. 

Some things to think about prior to needing to act quickly.  

  • Do we/I have a Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney
  • Will you eventually need to have Medicaid involved and how to do a spend down with a facility?
  • Which facilities take Medicaid?
  • What are the rules about giving assets away, etc.
  • (Note Oregon has a 5 year look back) Can’t divest assets or income in order to receive Medicaid within that 5-year period or disqualifies you.
    • There are ways to work with this and protect yourself and family  
  • A Reverse mortgage income does not disqualify you for Medicaid if done correctly 
  • You can plan to give assets away and live with a loved one if done properly  (A service contract)

Lots more to consider and this is where my KNOWLEDGE comes into play. I know about these and many other things related to placement. Don’t just call around or use online data gatherers as they don’t do what I do? 

Call me I can help?  




      Coming Soon---”Strength After Stroke”

 Keith Taylor, Stroke Awareness Oregon Board member, support group coordinator and volunteer extraordinaire, has created an important stroke recovery tool about to be launched for public use.    Keith’s mission is to help others create an incredible transformation in their post-stroke recovery by going through the BASE program.  BASE is a 15 module course that can be taken on your own schedule.  It is an innovative and exciting step by step plan to help you rebuild and create the BASE foundation needed in order to live your best possible life after stroke.


Belief The importance of you believing in yourself 

Attitude  Gain a positive enthusiasm toward life

Strength Fully embrace your own mental and physical outlook

Energy Transition into having more desire and energy

The BASE evolved over the course of many months as Keith struggled to redefine life after his stroke.  Feeling shocked and confused and with little guidance on how to again find purposed, he gradually began to define a future that was hopeful and had purpose.  “We all need doctors, therapists and rehab after our stroke. But, what about strengthening your mind?”  he asks.

Finally, after years of hard work, the BASE program is very near launch for use by stroke survivors around the world.   Stay tuned for more information!

Blogspot  Suggested by our own Keith Taylor

hosted by Joyce Hoffman

Another resource on Stroke.  Experience, support & stories of Survival


Being a Part of
Stroke Awareness Oregon

Did you know that there is an option for you to be a monthly donor to SAO?  Many of us are unable to make a ‘large’ donation all at one time, but you can still make a difference.  You can be a monthly donor with an amount that is comfortable and fits your budget.  Simply go to and go to donations.  There is an option for a hassle free, automatic donation that will help SAO continue to save lives.



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Hand and Arm Therapy

Research shows that even years after a stroke, the brain has the ability to rewire connections to muscles to improve function.  In order to make these changes, the brain needs thousands of repetitions of practice.  As you may know, it is very hard to find ways to use the hand and arm therapeutically if you have spasticity and the inability to open your hand!  I try to get creative to use external tools and technology to help progress people in their rehabilitation.

Here are some tools that I like to use in my occupational therapy practice to improve hand and arm function after stroke.   For someone that cannot actively open their hand but can close it, I like to use a dynamic splint placed on the back of the hand that helps position the hand in an open position.  Then the user can use their hand muscles to grasp and object, and the splint can assist in opening then hand to release the object.  Sometimes I use a pre-made splint for this like the “saebo flex” (for more information:, and sometimes I create a custom dynamic splint designed to open the hand.  The best candidate for either of these orthoses is someone who is motivated to practice hand exercises every day, has some mobility to lift their shoulder (at least ¼ range), and can actively close their hand at least ¼ of the way.   The person does not need to be able to open their hand or lift their wrist.  These tools also work well when you have more motion than that, but still need help opening the hand.

Another tool I love to use is the Neofect smart glove.  It is a fun way to get high repetition for practice of movements for the arm and hand.  It uses video games to work on isolated forearm, wrist, and grasp and release motions.  (For more information:

No matter what your arm and hand rehabilitation looks like, remember recovery can be slow!   Sometimes the gains are slow and steady, and it does not seem like you are progressing at the speed you want.  It can be helpful to take periodic videos of yourself to compare your function from month to month and notice how you are improving.  Try not to focus on what you can’t do and keep a list where you write down achievements about what you can do.  Refer to that list when you need some motivation.  

If you are interested in learning more about one of the tools I mentioned, or would like my help in developing a home exercise program for your rehabilitation, you can find me at:  

Hand and Arm Therapy of Central Oregon, 2041 NE Williamson Ct Suite B Bend, OR 97701
Phone: 541-633-7535   Fax: 541-706-9036



Backstrokes Sing-Along

Every Monday at 11am, Anne and Keith at Northwest Brain Network in Portland lead a sing-along for stroke survivors on Zoom. They have invited us to take part in their weekly meetings. Join the meetings and sing along.

Go to this link for the most up to date meeting link:

To join the mailing list and receive updates about the group, contact:

Anne 503-775-6041 or email

Stroke Support Group For Caregivers

Second Monday of Each Month

Next Meeting: April 12th 2021  

Ofelia Sanchez is the host of this group and would love to meet with you.  Please join her by calling or Texting to: 541-678-2380 OR email

View it in your web browser

Survivor Support Group

March 9th & 23rd @ 3pm

If you would like to join, or know someone who would like to join, contact Keith by calling at 503-572-3493 or emailing



Have equipment? Need equipment?

Request to join the Facebook group called "Bend Medical/Adaptive Used Equipment Swap". It's a platform for posting gently used equipment for sale or trade, or to find equipment you need in Bend and Central Oregon.


Did you know that each purchase you make on Amazon can support Stroke Awareness Oregon? Click the button below to get started!




Dennis Schaberg, MD, SAO Board Chair

Katie Tank, Attorney at Law, Tank Law PC, SAO Board Secretary

Lawnae Hunter, Owner Plus Property Management, SAO Board Treasurer

Marcus G. Beebe Jr., J.D.

Sarah Burke, Windermere Central Oregon Real Estate

Josie Fitzsimons, MD, Rehabilitation Medicine

Kyley Hjeresen, US Bank Wealth Management

Mindy Laidlaw, Occupational Therapist, St. Charles Health Care

Steve Goins, M.D.

Senior Medical Advisor


Debroah McMahon, DMC Consulting Services, LLC

Norwyn Newby, MD, Neurosurgeon

James C. Reedy, MBA, MHA, RN, CPHQ, CHFP, NEA-BE, FACHE, St. Charles Health Care

Keith Taylor, Owner Strength After Stroke


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